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Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline pigging is a process that cleans all types of service pipes in situ, we attach our pig launcher & catcher to the pipe & fire a variety of types of pigs through the line to remove build-up & sludge from the internals of the pipeline.

This process when used in a scheduled maintenance program, minimizes downtime & lowers pump head pressures resulting in less wear & tear on the system as a whole. The pigging process is safe to perform in underground mining operations, gas & fuel line cleaning & can cover distances of over many kilometres, transversing elbows, tee pieces, gate valves and variations in internal diameters. The range of sizes of pipes that can be cleaned by pigging is as wide as the range and applications of the pig themselves, from the size of a pencil to pipes you could walk up; they are a truly remarkable product. Mainstream Industries P/L offers a wide range of products to cater to the needs of the industries we service. The most commonly used and popular product we provide are Polly-Pigs (polyurethane foam) which are used to clean pipes of all types & sizes. Our pigging team can advise you on what suits your requirements, the estimated cost & time frame to get your system running how it should be. Great for fire systems, slurry & pump lines, tailings & most other pipeline systems.