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Mainstream Industries Portal (Cypher IQ App)

Mainstream Industries carries unique challenges in regard to Work Health and Safety (WHS). This required the Management Team to look at our WHS requirements as a holistic approach rather than a siloed solution. The very nature of the tasks completed by Mainstream Industries, mainly the use of high-pressure water jetting, places a high risk of potential harm to the Operator and Assistants, additional workplace environment risks such as confined space, work at heights and EWP use.

Mainstream Industries working with Digital Platform Programmers Cypher IQ developed a custom award-winning application/digital platform especially for the requirements of Mainstream Industries. It is extremely important that staff could access information they needed to ensure Safe Work from anywhere and at any time as Mainstream Industries conducts its business activities 24/7 to best support our client’s needs. The Mainstream Management team supplied a scope of works and our chosen digital platform developers IQ Cypher who in consultation implemented a digital solution that linked Job Rostering, WHS forms / workflows, reporting and notifications to key management team members as well as a staff portal so all staff can access information at the touch of a button, whilst ensuring that Mainstream Industries and all tasks undertaken and completed remains compliant to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

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The Global Industrial Cleaning Coalition (GICC) is a group of industrial cleaning safety associations, asset owners, contractors, and equipment manufacturers voluntarily coming together to contribute to the creation and adoption of basic industrial cleaning principles around the world.