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For over 28 years Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd have been providing industrial cleaning services across the commercial, mining, and supportive industries. This experience has secured strong relationships with our clients by knowing, understanding and adapting to their needs and individual requirements.

Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd has been the preferred contractor to many major organisations providing industrial services for various specialised tasks including the following:

  • High pressure hot water pressure blasting for servicing and repairs on equipment & infrastructure.
  • Detailed cleaning in various forms to meet NDT testing requirements.
  • Industrial vacuuming of sumps pits drains and silt traps.
  • Drain and pipeline cleaning to remove debris for CCTV inspections.
  • CCTV inspections of drains & pipes with recorded imaging for analysis.
  • Labour Hire and trades assistants.
  • Confined space specialist for various applications including tank cleaning and hazardous work requiring breathing apparatus.
  • Elevated Work Platform trained operators.
  • Non-Destructive Digging and Underground Utilities Location.
  • High volume water trailers are available and utilised for the removal of bulk dirt or mud from plant and equipment.

Mainstream Industries is a proud, locally owned industrial cleaning company operating out of New South Wales.

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We specialise in mobile high pressure water blasting, steam cleaning and industrial vacuum loading, using our self-contained mobile units to deliver our wide range of services. Established in 1993, Mainstream Industries boasts a long history of providing industrial cleaning services to clients across a vast range of industries, although a large portion of our clientele lies within the mining sector.

Our specialties include:

  • Workshop cleaning and machinery detailing
  • Bulk grease and hazardous waste removal
  • Decontamination and emergency spill cleanups
  • Specialised cleaning for NDT testing
  • Confined space works and pipeline inspections
  • Underground cable location
  • Potholing and non-destructive digging
  • Dry Ice blasting and pipeline pigging
  • Labour and equipment hire

Our approach is specifically tailored to suit each client site, with our team able to procure cutting- edge equipment to meet the needs of the industry. Mainstream Industries’ staff have been carefully selected & undergo an industry /task specific induction process that teaches each employee to adhere with our strict safety, quality & environmental standards. Our leading technology combined with our staff’s experience has established Mainstream Industries as a leader in the field of industrial cleaning.

Our Services

Job Specific Requirements

Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd have become the leader in the industry by providing specialist industrial cleaning solutions developed for each client’s specific needs. Each task undertaken is thoroughly examined prior to the commencement of the work by a field coordinator with safety, the environment and the community aspects being considered. Safe method statements and risk assessments will be completed with ongoing monitoring during the task in the form of Safety Observations & Interactions to ensure strict compliance is maintained with the relevant Australian Standards & Government Legislation.

Quality Assurance

Due to our commitment to fulfil each task given to us we have implemented several lines of communication to ensure what we promise is delivered on time every time. Mainstream employs a Customer Service Supervisor and Leading Hands who are responsible for overseeing daily operations in the field and performing Safety Observations & Interactions, pre-start Tool Box Talks and Employee Performance Reports which are all delivered to management at the completion of the work.

This being undertaken daily, gives daily feedback on the performance of each employee and their ability to complete their role within the business.