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Drain Cleaning

Mainstream Industries has the equipment and experience to ensure your drains are clear of obstructions allowing clear flow of liquids within.

Blocked pipes can lead to flooding, damage to drainage infrastructure and damage to surrounding property. Mainstream Industries Combination Jet/Vac trucks can remove any built-up debris in the pipe and vacuum it up to prevent further blockages and damage. Our Combination Units (Jet-Vac) are high-velocity water-jetting units, with trained and experienced Class B Operators . Additionally, Mainstream Industries have a large selection of fit for purpose nozzles and attachments that are tailored to suit any type of blockage within the pipe. Mainstream Industries has industry leading camera units to inspect the drain for further obstacles and to record/document and damage to the pipe/drain on an external drive. Mainstream Industries can vacuum large amounts of waste material, slurry, spills, plants, mud, tree roots, sewage waste, rocks and debris. Mainstream Industries can also arrange transport of waste to the appropriate disposal location.